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Die Untoten Life Science & Pulp Fiction

In May 2011, Handshake was adopted for the festival “Die Untoten LIFE SCIENCES & PULP FICTION”. The three-day conference brought together 80 artists and scientists who presented and discussed projects, films, artworks about the vulnerable states between life and death.

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Interview government 2.0 (german)

German blog »government« 2.0 is engaged at the very front in the issues of openness and transparency in todays administrations. Recently the blog published an interview with Stefan Göllner about »Handshake« and the general use of online tools for enhancing participation.


whitepaper (german version)

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New Theme called “merge”


We developed a new theme called “merge”. It has a nice grey look and will be
available soon. As handshake is based on MVC the views are themebased and
easy to change with a different look and feel.

Government 2.0


Christian Kramer will be in Berlin at the government 2.0 camp. To gain an insight into the software “handshake” please contact him.

28.08.2009, 27.08.2009
Hertie School of Governance, Quartier 110, Friedrichstr. 180, 10117 Berlin

»Lokale Problemzonen« – in Vitako magazine

In the second release 2009 »Vitako« – the magazine of german communal IT-service providers, published an article about Unortkataster-koln. They also reported about the planned implementation of Handshake in Munich, prepared with local activists group Greencity.


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Unortkataster Hagen: finalized

With the termination of EU founded project Citizen Media at Academy of Media Arts the installation of the »Unortkataster« platform for the City of Hagen went offline. The second installation of the Unortkataster application was subtitled “Arme Stadt Hagen” (poor city of Hagen): During four month ideas from citizens for reducing public expenses were collected, located and published on the platform.

User tests at Greencity headquarter

In March 2009 act-local staff conducted a second usability test in preparation of the first online release of »Handshake« in Munich. The tests targeted at a concept for the community-mapping project “Radlträume” with local group Green City. The group aims to collect dangerous spots and insufficient traffic situations in collaboration with local cyclists.

Unortkataster – handed over to the community!

In march 2009 the Cologne release of »Unortkataster« was handed over to »Leitbild Köln 2020« – the group was involved in the user-centred design methods, applied in EU-research project Citizen Media at Academy of Media Arts. Since the beginning of May 2009 members of the group take full responsibility for the technical support and content moderation of the Cologne release of the platform.


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